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What Symbols Are Used in Slot Machines?

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You may be able to win multiple times on a slot machine with many paylines, yet you may still be a net loser. For example, you may bet a nickel on 20 paylines, but only win a single payline, resulting in a loss of fifty cents. Despite this, the slot machine would show you a payout and claim you were a net winner. This is because multiple scientific studies have shown that the human brain treats near-miss results as actual wins.

Random Number Generator

Random Number Generators are used in online slot machines to determine how the game will be played. They are based on mathematical formulas and can vary significantly. One popular example is virtual stops slots, which give players an unlimited number of spins and variable payouts. This feature helps players try out their luck before spending any money. Another example is a slot machine that uses an infinitely scalable random number generator.

Return to Player

A Return to Player slot is a casino slot that gives players the chance to win cash by paying out a percentage of their bets. There is no universal definition for this percentage, but the rule is that slot machines with a Return to Player percentage of 94% or greater will pay out money to players. The symbols that trigger bonus features are scatters, which appear anywhere on the reels and do not need to be on a payline to win. The best Return To Player slots offer you the highest chance of winning cash.


Scatter symbols are known as the friend of the slot player. They do not need to form combinations to win prizes, but instead trigger special features. For example, in Gonzo’s Quest, three golden scatters anywhere on the first three reels will trigger the Free Fall bonus. This feature awards players 10 free spins and increases the multipliers.


Candles are an iconic symbol of Slot machines. They are a reminder that the player is awaiting service and guide the slot attendant to their position. Activating the candle can be done for many reasons, but most people activate it to call for assistance.


Jackpot slots are a great way to win huge prizes on slot machines. These types of games are easy to play and are a popular option among many players. Unlike regular slots, jackpot slots have variable prizes and can award six-digit sums with a single spin. They also use random number generators to determine the jackpot winner.

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